If Anything Happens To Me Or My Family, I Hold You Responsible – OAP Dotun Calls Out Akinkunmi

On Air Personality with Cool Fm, Dotun Ojuolape, just called out a man, Akinkunmi who he claims stole from him even after he helped him.

The story continues thus:-

“A shocking video of this guy was sent to me swearing at a shrine, of not stealing N250,000 from a friend. He was beaten badly! (I’ll POST IT) Now let me break it down and please guys learn. He is an ATM fraudster what you all know as “LOCAL”.

One of his tricks is he gets your ATM or Pin, unlocks it and gives to a friend who has a POS and swipes it to the POS owner’s account. He destroys it afterwards. I was a victim. Another story for another day.

I was angry that a few of my things were stolen on my last trip to London. He stole all, my money, wristwatch, perfume, an Ultra skinny MacBook (Gold) laptop and sold it for 120,000. He pain me die cos I lost all my work.

He has a constant dealer in Surulere that he sells stolen phones and laptops to. I forgave him so many times and I even put a call through to @aleeygiwa for advice.

Well, I have listened to my parents and wards who said I should let it all go even tho I felt a lil cheated but not without letting the world know a face you shouldn’t deal with. He is tarnishing my reputation and I won’t let that happen.

We get all sort of calls on his misbehavior and actions how he uses my company to transact shady businesses. PLEASE BEWARE OF HIM AND HE doesn’t work for ECLEFTIC ENTERTAINMENT anymore.

He constantly gives his proceed to a girl he’s being dying to date, he is quite desperate and he was so much in love that he wrote the girl’s full name at his back, so for proper identification guys, check his back. He was a boy I took in cos he wanted tutoring and didn’t have a means, so I decided to help. He was a junior in high school. He is on the run now.”


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