“Music” a Producers Point of View {Production Pt 1}

Written by DAFX

Producer Point of View- Music.

Hmmn Music! Music!! Music!!!

Music as we perceive has no language, the power of music has been a big notable thing since like forever, and music has been able to bring out the unspoken, probably most hidden parts of our lives: we feel like we are to let our soul out when we hear music. The only thing I have seen capable of bonding people who are not culturally tied and uniting different kinds of people across the world is music, they are moved by the chills. In fact, music has been man’s greatest creation.

Every concept in it, explains how deep man can think and bring out the creative aspect of his life to sympathetically manifest with and to humanity. This article is keen to pinpoint the need of capable production hands on making music.

Indeed, what makes a music as we all know is the beat, the tempo, the lyrics, well to put all these together there is so much work done by either a single creative artist or a group of hardworking artists and producers. To cause a direct convey of an emotional stereo sound, the producers sit and keep their game tight; making sure the levels are well adjusted, and the mix is properly panned to ensure a good, spaced stereo field before an artist bounces on the beat, apart from these two elements, there is what we call EQing and the element time or dynamics. Appropriate slight handy use on these last two sets apart a professional from an amateur. Look at the work the producers go through to create a sensational 3 or 4 minute track. Take for example, congas with timbales playing on a slow tempo or maybe on a mid tempo range, accompanied with a steady bassline and sparse keys playing around with slow draggy chord progression, such sounds, sometimes, evoke a feeling of loneliness, fear, abandonment, strive.

Focusing on what the producers do mostly, you would appreciate the effort to bring out the real essence of a song. It is often said that when words failed the best option is music. One would be able to express intently the message from his heart on the track.

As producers, what ought to be done is to study the flow of music, take your time, once done, yeah, you can start to mix and put in all elements while still doing this still study the flow, if you ever feel a particular finished music sounds different just a week after you first heard it, there’s no error, you simply did not study the flow and all about the music in one sitting, this is a more reason why you should sit and pay attention to your mix, listen from various corners of your working space. This is major, your mix does a lot of magical touch on the music you are about to produce. Nobody wants to hear off-track music, rather a scintillating sound. Producers together with the artist, work to create the track just as the artist has it in mind.

Once as a producer, mixing is done, you can finally lay your finishing touches to it and now the music you created is just ready to be heard to a thousands of people.


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