KickAss Torrents Owner Arrested, Faces Extradition to US.

KickAss Torrents was the world’s largest torrent website. Artem Vaulin a 30 year old Ukrainian man was the owner of KAT (KickAss Torrents).


Recently US Government arrested the owner of KAT from Poland and was charged with Criminal Copyright Infringement and Money Laundering.One should know that KAT has become more popular torrent site, even more popular than The Pirate Bay.

Sources say that Apple handed over the details of Vaulin after investigators cross-referenced an IP address, the owner used for an iTunes transaction with the IP address used to log into KAT’s Facebook Page.

Records provided by Apple showed that he conducted an iTunes transaction using IP Address on or about July 31, 2015. The same IP Address was used on the same day to login into the KAT Facebook.

Well, it is a very big shock to all the pirates who relied on kickass torrents.The arrest has lead to the seizure of all the domains related to kickass which will have a big effect on the world pirates. But such sites can never be fully closed no matter what the government does because these sites are hosted behind a large number of servers all over the world which make them impossible to eradicate. Already clones of kickass like have appeared on the internet just after few hours of the shutting down of the main domains.

Pirates know many sites except kickass so they will be now using thepiratebay, rarbg and extratorrent as their platform for piracy. Thus overall there will be minimal damage to online piracy as the Pirates know no bound.


The Kickass Community is making a comeback with Katcr, it doesn’t hold torrents as of now but it is safe bet that they will bring kickass back to life.


The mirror has also been taken down now. You can now use KickassTorrents is back to download torrents added till 18 july 2016

KAT made over $12 million per year in advertising revenue.

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